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Señora Villanueva


Grant High School

(916)566-3450 x 65203



               This is a college prep course designed to continue the study of Spanish. Throughout this course, students will engage in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in Spanish, as well as develop an understanding of Spanish-speaking cultures, customs, and traditions. Students will continue to build on vocabulary, grammar, and cultural expressions. These concepts will be introduced in a thematic unit format, which include topics necessary for students to communicate about themselves and interact with Spanish- speaking cultures.



               In accordance with TRUSD’s World Language Standards and Benchmarks, students will:

  • Communicate in Spanish with increasing complexity and frequency;
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of Spanish-speaking cultures;
  • Connect world language experiences with other disciplines;
  • Develop insights into the nature of language and culture;
  • Use Spanish at home and in the community.



  • Academically competent and productive individuals who complete rigorous, standards-based coursework in every classroom, every day.
  • Positive and active members of the Grant Union High School community, contributing to a safe learning environment which instills an academically centered culture.
  • Ready to enter college, career and the world successfully.



               Grades are calculated on a weighted scale. However, grades are not curved, meaning that any student who completes all assignments with high quality work and who regularly attends and participates during class will receive an appropriately high grade. All assignments and grades will be posted on school loop for students and parents to access. Students’ grades will be calculated according to the following:

                                             Class work/Participation/Binder………………30%

                                             Independent Practice/Homework……………..10%

                                             Quizzes/Chapter Tests……………….………...30%

                                             Midterm Exams…..............................................10%

                                             Cultural Activities and Projects…………….....20%

                                             The final letter grade is assigned as follows:            


                                             90% - 100% = A

                                             80% - 89% = B

                                             70% - 79% = C

                                             60% - 69% = D

                                             59% or below =F



Class work/Participation/Binder

        Students are expected to participate in class daily and complete all required class work. Class work also includes presentations. At times incomplete class work becomes homework. Listening and video activities may not be made up for full credit at any time. Students who are off-task will receive point deductions.

        Students will be required to keep a 1 inch binder specifically for this class with blank notebook paper and dividers labeled: Class work, Notes/Vocabulary, Homework, Projects, and Other.  The binder must be kept organized as it may be collected at any time. All papers should be in rings. Students need to bring their binder to class everyday along with their textbook (whenever teacher requests it) or participation points will be deducted.


Independent Practice/Homework

        Independent Practice/Homework will be assigned daily in order to supplement and solidify the material presented in class. In order to receive credit for an assignment, it must be turned in ON TIME, be LEGIBLE and COMPLETE.  If a student has an unexcused tardy, the homework for that day is considered late. Students will be given a homework calendar, on which assignments will be stamped daily. Parents, please check with your child to see independent practice/homework progress. Assignments must be written on the calendar in order toreceive a stamp for that day.  Calendars must have a parent signature in order to receive credit. It is the students’ responsibility to submit the calendars every two weeks. NO EXCEPTIONS! World Languages LEAP will be available to assist students that need extra help.

        Make-up policy (class work and independent practice homework):  Students with excused absences have up to the number of days they were absent to make up any missing assignment. For example, if a student is absent for one day, he/she will have one day to turn the assignment in, and so on. Please note that it is the student’s responsibility to inquire about and turn- in missed homework and class work after an excused tardy or absence. Any work not completed or turned in will be averaged into your grade as a zero.


Quizzes/Chapter Tests

        There will be several quizzes/chapter tests per chapter, which may be announced in advanced. Make-ups and retakes will be done after school during LEAP on an appointment basis only, but students must make-up quizzes/chapter tests within one week of their absences or grade will be a ZERO. Retakes will not replace the grade, but will be averaged into the grade. 


Midterm Exams

        There will be at least one midterm exam at the end of each quarter, which will assess all vocabulary and grammar concepts from the quarter. There will be at least one oral exam at the end of each chapter. 

        Make-up Policy (exams): Students with excused absences can make up a midterm exam. It is parent’s responsibility to excuse absences or tardies as soon as possible and it is the students’ responsibility to make arrangements for make-ups on the day that he/she returns to school. Make-ups will be done on an appointment basis, but students must make-up midterm exams within one week of their absences or grade will be a ZERO. There are absolutely no retakes on the midterm exams.


Cultural Activities and Projects

         In order to explore the Spanish language through its many cultures, students will be required to earn 10 Cultural Participation and Research points each quarter. Students will be given a detailed handout that further explains this project and its specific requirements. The CPR is done entirely outside of school, therefore it is the student’s and parents’ responsibility to ensure the project is done in a timely manner. Students will complete various projects throughout the quarter that correlate the topic of the study. They will be done both individually and in groups, and will usually be presented in front of the class. Students will be given a detailed description of each project when the time comes.


Attendance Policy

        Tardy Policy First tardy is a warning. Second tardy I will notify parents, third tardy there will be detention/Saturday school assigned. Fourth tardy, will result in a referral to the Attendance & Behavior Specialist.  After this, the Attendance & Behavior specialist may refer student to others (counselors, vice principals, etc.).  Again, if the student has an unexcused tardy to class no credit will be given for completed homework. 

        Unexcused Absence Policy First cut, teacher will contact parent, assign detention.  Second cut, teacher will contact parent and assign detention. Third cut, teacher will refer student to the Behavior specialist.  Fourth cut, student will be referred to counselor.    

*Each time a student is tardy, he/she is required to sign-in using the tardy notebook next to the door.  This is the student’s responsibility and it will be checked daily as to prevent from marking the student absent. 



  • Textbook
  • All workbooks, worksheets, notes, etc. (should be in the binder)
  • 1 inch Binder (with blank binder paper and dividers-see section under binder for specific tabs)
  • A writing utensil         
  • A Spanish-English dictionary

                       *Students are encouraged to purchase a Spanish-English dictionary although it is not required.


CLASSROOM RULES Students are expected to be on their best behavior, as to create a positive and rewarding classroom environment for everyone. To achieve this, some simple class rules must be followed. School rules and policies will also be strictly enforced.                                                                                                                                  

  • When the bell rings you are seated, have your materials, and are ready to learn.
  • Classes will be conducted in Spanish.
  • Respect the rights and property of others.
  • While the teacher is instructing, students will be focused on the lesson. Talking, writing and/or passing notes, doing other homework, using electronics, etc. will not be allowed.
  • Raise your hand if you need anything or have a question. No getting up out of your seat without permission.
  • Please eat and drink outside of the classroom. Water (in sealed container) is the only exception.
  • Cell phones must be turned off and completely out of sight during school hours (7:30am-2:30pm). Any cell phones seen (on self, on desk on or off, etc.) or heard during class will be confiscated.  This also applies to any other electronic devices.  First warning, the phone will be returned at the end of class, second warning-the phone will be returned after school, third warning-the phone will be sent to the office. Any offenses after that the phone will sent to the office and/or parent will be required to pick it up. Parent contact will be made each time this occurs and participation points will be deducted.
  • There will be no hall passes issued the first 15 min. or the last 15 min. of class.  This includes bathroom passes.  
  • Be respectful. Please use appropriate language in the classroom.
  • No hats, beanies, or hoodies on during class time.
  • I dismiss you at the end of the class, not the bell. The bell is a signal to me that our time is up and that I should dismiss you as quickly as possible. It is not a signal for you to leave. Please do not start picking up your materials until I indicate that it is okay for you to do so. Some of the most important points in the last few minutes of class, so it is imperative that you maintain focused until you are dismissed.


Following the Rules

Following the rules will result in:

  • A positive classroom environment and a rewarding learning experience.
  • Good grades and fun activities.


Not Following the Rules

If you choose to break a rule, the following actions will be taken:

  • A verbal warning and loss of participation points for the day.
  • Student-teacher conference and removal from classroom.
  • Parent contact and referral to an administrator.



In order to have a productive and enjoyable experience, students are expected to:

  • Attend class daily, be on time, be seated and be ready to work when the bell rings.
  • Come prepared to class with all necessary materials
  • Participate in class on a daily basis.
  • Complete and submit all class work and independent practice/homework assignments in a timely manner.
  • Ask questions if the material is unclear. Do not wait to get help!
  • Be open to learning about cultures and traditions that may be different from our own.
  • Come to class with a positive attitude, try your best and have fun!


I look forward to working with you!