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Shepherd, Tiffany
English Teacher, Webmaster

Passionately Pink Breakfast

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Service Projects

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Interact -- Philippines



Updates and Minutes






Blood Drive -- March 1 -- Visits to English classes (11/12) will take place on Feb 22. We will wear blood drive tshirts. Cheng will make sure the necessary info gets to Akbar for Pacers on Demand.  We will host a table in the cafeteria from 2/5 to 2/9 to hand out consent forms and make appointments. Shep will get decorations and things together. Cynthia, Andrew, and Andrea will make posters to hang up in the cafeteria.


Next meeting will be held in the Library to support those of us competing in this year's Rotary Speech Contest.


Minimal attendance (research papers were due) -- Meeting Cancelled.


Brainstorming for new projects: Random Acts of Kindness (Valentines for random Pacers); Easter Egg/Scavenger Hunt for teachers; March Blood Drive. We assigned chairs and will divide up duties on the next meeting.


Stanford settlement meal boxing -- several members serve alongside our fellow Rotarians and send "service selfies" to Mrs. Shepherd. Another opportunity is coming up in February (2/24) to work with them at the Sacramento Food Bank.


The Rotary Speech contest has been moved to Feb. 8, so get those registration packets submitted ASAP. 


RYLA applications are now overdue. Submit by Friday to be considered for an interview and possible selection.


Spend time brainstorming service projects for the spring semester. More discussion to follow at the next meeting.


Kindness rocks will continue on an "as needed" basis. When we see someone who could use some encouragement, we will create a rock and deliver it.



CIM -- 18 of us showed up to serve on Sunday morning! It was crazy, but we did it!


Speech Contest Sign Ups -- The speech contest will be held in our library on Feb. 22. Get a packet from Mrs. Shepherd as soon as possible so you'll have time to prepare.


RYLA APPLICATIONS -- Juniors interested in applying to RYLA, applications are due to Mrs. Shepherd before you leave for Christmas Break. Interviews will take place in January. Once you're selected you will need to complete the medical forms.


North Sac Rotary Projects:

     Dec 16 -- Box up Christmas Dinners for the needy at the Stanford Settlement. (9 signed up)

     Feb 24 -- Work at the Sacramento Food Bank (5 signed up)


Still finishing up kindness rocks. We have some left unpainted, so if you see someone who needs a dose of kindness, come paint one and deliver it.



California International Marathon is this Sunday. We are working the finish line and handing out "heat sheets" to the runners as they cross the finish line. Mrs. Shepherd loop mailed the club to provide us with the details. We are to meet at the Volunteer Tent by 7:40 at 9th and Capitol. They will give us our volunteer shirts and give us the directions for what we are supposed to do. We will work from 8 to 11:30. Be THERE!


We still have about 15 rocks that haven't been delivered. We divided up the remaining rocks and assigned them to members to deliver.


Discussed the Draw Report for the Blood Drive -- we exceeded our donation goal! And more teachers than ever before donated this time! We did have lots of open appointments after lunch, so for our spring drive, we plan to push those afternoon appointments and we plan to start taking appointments at lunch sooner. We are going to award Blue Team and Gold Team points for their participation in this drive.


We collected over 300 pairs of socks, gloves, mittens, scarves and blankets for Sock-Tober this year. The organization helping the fire victims has asked that we not send our donations there as they are overrun, so Mrs. Shepherd contacted The Volunteers of America and we are going to donate to them as we did last year. She has an appointment for next week to deliver the items to their shelter off of Richards Blvd.


We've been asked to volunteer at the California International Marathon on December 3rd. 17 people signed up to help that day. The Sacramento Runners Association is planning to make a donation to our club in return for our service. They'll let us know exactly how we can serve that day.


Rock Painting! All the rocks were finished! We have several left in the bag, so we may consider doing something with those and continuing the project in the spring.


Working meeting: We painted rocks, went over final preparations for the Blood Drive (covering all shifts and getting final appointments set during lunch). Divided up the rocks using the staff phone log. Each Interact member took a slip with 4 or 5 teachers' names on it and took the same number of rocks. Everyone is supposed to deliver their rocks by next Thursday. We are still about 20 rocks short, so we are planning to meet on Tuesday 11/2 to finish painting those.


Our Charter Rotarians (Joann and Steve Lemmon and Lynette Anderson) came to our  meeting today to share information regarding the projects they're involved in. They brought socks to contribute to Sock-Tober. They shared information on the Rotary Speech Contest, coming up in February and had Cheng tell us about his experiences last summer at RYLA. They are planning to be on campus for the Blood DriveAlso, Pacers on Demand came to do a spot on Sock-tober.  We came up with a plan for donating our socks to support local homeless efforts (and fire related needs). We started signing up for shifts for the Blood Drive and signed up to work the table for lunch sign ups for donations.


Rock Painting! Painted over 20 Kindness Rocks. Began a plan for distributing them. Mr. Cook dropped by -- he also has an idea regarding the kindness rocks and we may work together to make a Pacer Rock Garden.

10/3 (meeting moved to Tuesday to accommodate a change in Mrs. Shepherd's schedule)

Mrs. Shepherd announced that our  Charter Rotarians will be visiting our meeting on 10/19. They are working on a project with the UCDavis Med Center to provide Halloween costumes to sick children. When they come on the 19th, they will collect any costumes we might have to donate.


Committees met and worked on our upcoming projects. Specific tasks were identified and assigned to committee members for completion. 


Mrs. Shepherd has contacted Ian at Blood Source and invited him to come to our meeting on 10/10 to update us on blood donation needs in response to the recent natural disasters and the mass shooting in Las Vegas. 


Ms. Miller has been contacted to schedule kindness rock painting days with her Creative Writing students. Rock painting will happen on 10/17, 10/18, and 10/24 in room B-12 after school.


9/26 (meeting moved to Tuesday to accommodate a change in Mrs. Shepherd's schedule)

Today each committee presented their project to the new club members, and each new member signed up for a committee.



Ice-breaker -- 5 random questions

Welcome new members!

Officers introduced themselves.

Next meeting -- Committee introductions -- Blood Drive, Kindness Rocks, Socktober, Teachers V. Students Events

Everyone Signed up for Committees



Reviewed committees and the tasks that need to be completed. Brainstormed specific tasks and assigned them to committee members.Reviewed committees and the tasks that need to be completed. Brainstormed specific tasks and assigned them to committee members.


Assigned lists of newly signed up members to current members. Each current member is to email those who signed up and invite them to the next meeting.



Signed up for times to work the club fair table.



Elected new officers -- see club page for elected officials' names

Brainstormed projects for September, October, November, and on-going

All members present signed up for a committee







The Rotary Club of North Sacramento, our Charter Club, visited today. Current President Nick, Upcoming President Molly Evalgelisti, and Past President Joann Lemmon attended. They shared some of the projects they've been working on such as Purple Pinkie Project, the Dictionary Distribution, the Rotary House, and the Spelling Bee. They also recognized Mrs. Shepherd as a Paul Harris Fellow for her work with Grant's Interact Club. She was given a pin and a certificate. They are excited to work alongside us next year in our projects and want to do some joint projects.


Continued discussion of Teacher Appreciation. Teachers really loved the Pacer Olympics! Interact could sponsor a monthly or bi-monthly play activity for teachers next year as a stress-reducer. Capture the flag, Kick Ball, Tennis, Volleyball, etc.


Also decided we would do hand written thank you  notes to teachers and attach them to water bottles and place them on the teachers' chairs at graduation. We need to come up with a pun to put on the labels.


We've determined we don't have time to complete a cutting party for Sole Hope this year. We will instead to a crayon drive. Mrs. Shepherd will collect the information for that project and disseminate it to us.


We want to participate in Fun in the Sun day this year and we hope to do a Purple Pinkie table. We will collect funds to help eradicate Polio. We will paint pinkies purple after a donation and maybe have candy or something to pass out to donors as well.


The Booster Club wants us to assist with the Crab Feed on Saturday. It is short notice, and we don't have any specifics yet, but as soon as Mrs. Shepherd gets the information she will Loop mail it to us.


Discussed whether senior members will wear silver cords at graduation this year. In the past, the most involved seniors were awarded silver cords. Seniors may want to do something different this year. Ideas to come at the next meeting.


3/30 -- GREAT GUM CHASE! -- Check out the pictures on FB!

3/23 -- Meeting Cancelled


Discussed the negative response we got regarding our Teacher Appreciation project. Admin does not feel comfortable with it and offered some other suggestions. We thought of some other ideas and will continue to collect ideas and decide after the Great Gum Chase.


Discussed the outcomes from the 2/28 Blood Drive. We only collected 55 units, but we had over 80 attempt to donate. Lots of students were turned away because of fevers and colds.


The deadline for the Blood Source Scholarship is 3/31. All seniors who have contributed to our campus blood drives are eligible to apply. An email will be sent with the application to those who are in the Loop Group.


RYLA campers were selected. The Rotarians chose two campers and four alternates, but only two of the alternates returned their paperwork.


Planned three upcoming service projects: The Great Gum Chase (a campus project) to be completed on 3/23, A Sole Hope Party (international project) to be held on 4/20, and a Teacher Appreciation project (a campus project) to be completed during the week following AP Exams.




No Meeting -- Mrs. Shepherd was stuck at Jury Duty.


Met with Ian from Blood Source to review our goals for the 2/28 Blood Drive. Signed up for volunteer shifts. Hung up posters and fliers.



Meeting cancelled. Mrs. Shepherd was absent from school.



Debriefed on Wreaths Across America service project and the December 16th Blood Drive. No staff members donated blood that day, but we only missed our collection goals by 6 units! Start brainstorming ways to increase donations for the drive at the end of February.


Mrs. Shepherd reminded us about RYLA and the Speech contest and told us that nobody had applied to participate in either program. She passed out RYLA applications, and most of the Juniors at the meeting filled out the applications while at the meeting. Liliya signed up for the speech contest, and Mrs. Shepherd said she will go ahead and reach out again to the English teachers to find other participants.



Visit from Anna Bankert from Volunteers Across America. She came to collect the 211 pairs of socks we collected during Sock-Tober. She also brought brochures and information about other service opportunities in our community through her organization. We hope to continue our relationship with her and support their shelters and programs in our neighborhood.



Updates on upcoming service projects:

     * Blood Drive 12/16 -- still need volunteers for a few periods. Mrs. Shepherd will reach out to seniors who need hours for Government and CJ for help.

     *  Wreaths Across America 12/17 -- Meet at the cemetery at 11:45 AM for the noon ceremony and clean up. Mrs. Shepherd isn't taking sign-ups because people flaked on the Interact Conference. People signed up and were registered and they didn't show up.



Liliya Nikoleyeva came to talk about the opportunities of RYLA. She shared the benefits of her experiences and encouraged members of Interact who are juniors to apply. We also got information about the upcoming Rotary Speech Contest.


We began signing up for volunteer slots for the December 16th Blood Drive.



We assembled the door decorations for Red Ribbon Week! It looks great!



Decided upon a design for the door contest and printed materials for us to use. Members took parts of the design home with them to work on so that everything will be ready to assemble at the next meeting.


Discussion of making our meetings bi-weekly. We will revisit this after we deal with the door contest.



Liliya came to talk about her RYLA experiences and encouraged all juniors to apply. 


Alondra proposed we support the Red Ribbon Week efforts and design a door for the door contest.  We will make decisions about that at our next meeting and create the door just before judging on November 4th.



Updates on Sock-Tober. Our hallway thank you display continues to suffer at the hands of vandals. We need to create something a little more vandal proof. Mrs. Shepherd will put something simple together.


We have a secure date (Dec 15) for Ana from a local homeless shelter to come and collect the socks and talk to us about the services her shelter provides.


Discussed RYLA and the upcoming Interact Conference at Sac State. 6 students are interested in RYLA and there are 15 want to attend the conference. Mrs. Shepherd will register members for the conference.



Hallway display for celebrating the participants in Sock-Tober was designed and put up. Fliers were posted around school, in spite of the coming rain.



We met and wrote letters to the troops through Operation Gratitude. You can still write letters! See Mrs. Shepherd for details before Wednesday, October 5.


Alondra and Sandra agreed to chair the Sock-Tober project. Carolina agreed to contact Mr. Akbar and post an announcement. Nancy is designing fliers.


We will start Sock-tober work at our October 6th meeting! We will select a project chair and create posters and announcements.



Officer Elections were held, and new officers have been posted. Voted on all monthly projects and approved the projects for the entire year. They will be placed on the School Loop page and on FB on a month by month basis.


Locations determined for the Sock-Tober collection boxes.

Purple Pinky Project October 2014

Homecoming Festival

Rotarians at Work Day!

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2016-2017 Officers

President --Eric Martinez 

Vice President -- Ivonne Avila Lopez

Treasurer -- Donavan Sinakone

Secretary/Social Media -- Shane Gillette


Join Us!

The Interact Club meets Thursdays in B-12 from 2:45 to 3:45

Upcoming Events and Projects!

Kindness Rocks -- October

Sock-Tober -- Now through November 3rd

Fall Blood Drive -- November 6th

Spring Blood Drive -- March 1st

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